my nassau property website

seems no one is paying attention. the property search site is a circle going round and round. quite a few people are having the same problem i'm having. our tax dollars at work???? bring back the old site.


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  1. Comment
    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    What happened to property search with all the assessment info and taxes on the page.. This website

    is horrific. What is wrong with you people in the

    county. I can't search for a property this way.

    Don't fix what's not broken. Bring back PLEASE!

  2. Comment
    Unsubscribed User ( Idea Submitter )

    What do you want from a bunch of fools? What we need to do as the people who live in this hell hole county and this state is to get rid of the whole group. Both REP. & DEM.,if they are in office we as the people who have to live in this state need to start to take back our lives from this county and this state goverment. Look at the state senate this past summer. Do you think these group of people care one lick about any of us? I personly don't think so. I live in Levittown and when I take my dog out for a walk if I see a house that is up for sale and someone is outside I will ask them why, 75% of the time I am told that they are just tired of the TAX that this state and county are making us pay. I myself have put the house up for sale today 9/18/9 , because we can no longer keep up with this situation we are in. When are the people of this county and of this state finaly going to do what is right and show every official that we demand and want to have our lives back instead of giving just about every bit of our pay checks over to them in every single thing we do or buy?

  3. Comment
    Community Member

    What is wrong with you people in the county. Everyone is complaining about this website. Bring back

  4. Comment
    Community Member

    With todays technalogy you should be doing 10 times

    more for the residense of Nassau.

    Working for the County it should not mean that all tiy have to do 0s SHOW UP.


  5. Comment
    Community Member

    why change something that was working well. Can someone explain how to find the website "My Nassau Property"

  6. Comment
    Community Member

    what happened to the land viewer website? How can we obtain information regarding taxes and comparable sales?

  7. Comment
    Community Member

    I can't even believe what I'm reading...where is the old website? How can I obtain the info I need? I thought it was me until I read the comments...count me in, bring it back.

  8. Comment
    Community Member

    where is the old site man? sucks... the new site is of no use. count me in, bring it back or give me my tax money back..

  9. Comment
    Community Member

    this is insane. I go to the new site and I click "property search" and I am directed to another pop up window which is not working correctly. I'm in Real Esate, not to mention a homeowner, and want this back. I'll have to contact some fellow agents and find out what's going on

    I believe I saw somewhere that they will be charging for information on each property search. Mr. Mangano, do something about this. We all loved the old site

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